An article from consulting firm Arthur D. Little (ADL) stated that “digitalization and sustainability are top priorities for large companies and investors, and they are increasingly inseparable.” With climate change increasingly affecting the world, digital economy sustainability protocols and standards – such as environmental, social and governance (ESG) – have become a growing priority for many businesses looking to the future.
This is also the social responsibility and purpose of SAI SAIHEAT. SAI.TECH – a sustainable Bitverse operator listed on NASDAQ (SAI) – has finally succeeded in reusing heat from high-performance computing after continuous efforts.
SAI is a sustainable BTC & AI Computing Operator headquartered in Singapore. It was initially interested in the emerging blockchain and Web 3.0 industries. But its founder and CEO, Arthur Lee, quickly saw an opportunity to recover the waste heat from Bitcoin mining computing.
SAI began to combine Bitcoin mining rigs with the existing energy infrastructure such as residential buildings, and a greenhouse with a heated floor. Looking at energy and computing systems from a macro perspective, SAI SAIHEAT is an effective solution for the sustainable development of miners.


SAIHEAT features four offerings.
The first is CAB. This computing infrastructure unit is suited for indoor deployment and is equipped with a high-capture heavy-duty boiler to provide heat in multiple scenarios. The solution boasts a 90% recycling rate of heat energy and directs it to suitable applications for hotels, shopping centers, farming greenhouses and other commercial settings such as airports and factories.
Secondly, Crafted in accordance with the 4U & 2U standards, TANKPCB & RACKPCB are specifically intended for immersion liquid cooling and rack-mounted liquid cooling, respectively. With the introduction of these two servers, SAIHEAT seeks to complete its comprehensive computing solution landscape while also pioneering a move towards standardization in sync with IDC standards.
Then, BOX’s renewable energy solutions offer investors a transformative approach that can substantially decrease initial setup costs and lower operational expenses by selling heat to consumers. In line with the three prevalent cooling techniques (air cooling, water cooling, and oil cooling), SAI has introduced TANKBOX, RACKBOX, and HYDROBOX. These cater to a spectrum of needs for Bitcoin miners, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse requirements.
At last, SAIHUB APP is a comprehensive platform crafted to serve three pivotal needs: overseeing bitcoin assets, regulating energy usage, and efficiently managing mining activities. Stay updated with instantaneous statistics on your mining operations. Safeguard your bitcoin assets with the app’s decentralized wallet, fortified with the keystone and PSBT protocols. Benefit from its seamless integration with popular cold wallet solutions, offering you a secure “treasury” for your bitcoins. Plus, effortlessly connect with leading mining pools and explore expansive blockchain browsers.

What can SAIHEAT bring to Bitcoin mining?

1. Minimum on-site infrastructure construction. Miners also do not maintain large-scale infrastructure at a later stage.
2. Efficient liquid cooling system. The SAIHEAT system has a higher cooling efficiency compared to traditional air-cooled systems.
3. Waste heat recovery technology is used to replace traditional energy consumption. SAIHEAT can recover and reuse 90% of the heat generated by the chip to meet the needs of various scenarios such as residential, agricultural and industrial heating.
4. Provide mobile plug-and-play digging cabinets as on-demand boilers. Therefore, we can go anywhere to maintain stable heating and generate E-value.
5. SAIHEAT minimizes common problems such as system overheating and temperature fluctuations during server operation. There are also no problems with fan failure, noise, dust, corrosion, etc.

Which kind of BOX do you need?

TANKBOX: Encased within a standard 20ft container, TANKBOX is a robust outdoor computing infrastructure unit designed for exceptional mobility and resilience. Built to endure extreme temperature variations from a chilling -40°F to a scorching 122°F, it operates using advanced immersion cooling tanks. These tanks adeptly transition air-cooled servers to a liquid-cooled mechanism. To enhance its efficiency, TANKBOX is outfitted with an external cooling tower, optimizing the recycling and reuse of waste heat.
RANKBOX: It is a dynamic and robust outdoor computing infrastructure solution that harnesses the power of rack-mounted liquid cooling. Designed to accommodate up to 90 units of cutting-edge 2U standard servers, it boasts universal compatibility with all rack-mounted liquid-cooling models, including the likes of Whatsminer M53. With a built-in external cooling tower, RANKBOX is primed for the effective recycling and reuse of waste heat.
HYDROBOX: Presenting the pinnacle of outdoor computing capacity in our lineup, the HYDROBOX. Specifically designed for synergy with Bitmain’s S19 Hydro XP, this unit stands as a testament to optimizing the most energy-efficient mining rig available today.


SAI NODE is where SAI puts its SAIHEAT products into reality. SAI NODE is based in Cleveland and Marietta, Ohio. The SAI US R&D Center and OCEC Computing Heat Recycle Center, which consist of SAI NODE, will serve as an open scale-up testing platform for computing heat capture and supply technology, data center operation systems and various heat recycle applications supported by current and future AI and Bitcoin mining technology.
At the center, SAI just finished its big annual event 2023 Bit Heat Day, and invited various elites to attend. Read more about this at
Beyond merely being a center of operations, the SAI NODE is a real-world display of SAI TECH’s innovative approach to energy conservation. Through its on-site installations, the facility demonstrates how to reuse the computing waste heat for heating agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Be a part of the clean-tech future with SAI, and inquire about SAIHEAT and its solutions to see how it can help your business achieve sustainable goals.

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