Specifications: 1130KW|Miner Capacity 210 Units
Compatible Devices: Antminer S19 Hydro Series
Price: $109,000

Highest capacity among the current fleet

Runs on the most energy-efficient mining rig in the market

Compatible with Bitmain’s S19 Hydro XP

Strong hashing power

50PH/s of total hashing power

Hardware Configuration

Basic Dimension 20ft’container(6058*2438*2896mm)
Overall Weight 8Ton
Standard Power 1130KW
IT Power 1100KW
Rated Voltage and Frequency 415V±5%,50/60HZ
Miner Capacity 210 Unit
Compatible Devices Antminer S19 Hydro Series
Safety Standards UL
Heat Dissipation Method Closed cooling tower
Outlet Temperature 28°C Wet Bulb Temperature
45°C  30%RH
Power Main Switch UL:1200A/3P*2 65KA
Branch Switch UL:20A/3P *210
Rated Current 780A+823A
Power System TN-S(3L+N+PE)
Inlet Cable L1~L3: (single core cable 600kcMil*4)*3
N Single-core cable 600kcMil*2
PE single-core cable 600kcMil*2
Quantity of RACKBOX powered by one 2500kVA Transformer 2
HVAC Cooling Tower Capacity 1100KW
Unit Size 20ft’container(6058*2438*2896mm)
Shipping Weight 7T
Operating Weight 12T
No. of Fans 3
External Circulation Coolant Water
Water Consumption 1~1.5m³/h
Internal Circulation Coolant 50% Ethylene Glycol/Pure Water
Cooling Tower Pipe Diameter DN125
Replenishment Pipe Diameter DN25
Sewage Pipe Diameter DN50
Overflow Pipe Diameter DN50