On the recently concluded “Bit Heat Day 2023,” SAI.TECH, in collaboration with the Organization of Clean Energy and Climate (“OCEC”), unveiled SAI NODE Marietta to the world on August 9.

SAI NODE Marietta: A Glimpse into Waste Heat Utilization

SAI.TECH & OCEC cooperate together to guide you into SAI NODE Marietta with products from SAIHEAT — TANKBOX, RACKBOX, and HYDROBOX. Products from SAIHEAT have the capability of controlling liquid flow based on heat recycle demand.
At a recent event, the SAI NODE Marietta showcased how waste heat from computers can be harnessed using liquid cooling technology. This captured heat can then be used for controlled heating in agricultural greenhouses and potentially for residential, commercial heating, and even for fisheries and poultry sectors.

Introduction to SAI NODE Marietta

The SAI US R&D Center collaborates with the OCEC Computing Heat Recycle Center, together formed SAI NODE Marietta located in Marietta, Ohio. This partnership is a fusion of SAI’s research and development efforts and OCEC’s expertise in heat recycling.
The SAI US R&D Center and OCEC Computing Heat Recycle Center will serve as an open scale-up testing platform for computing heat capture and supply technology, data center operation system and various heat recycle applications supported by current and future AI and Bitcoin mining technology.
SAI NODE Marietta features products from SAIHEAT, including TANKBOX, RACKBOX, and HYDROBOX. SAIHEAT provides a solution to recover wasted computing heat from Bitcoin mining and AI computing. SAIHEAT focuses on the research, development, and production of Bitcoin mining(B series) and AI computation(A series) products with liquid cooling capabilities. Products from SAIHEAT have the capability of controlling liquid flow based on heat recycle demand.
The center’s first heat recycling initiative is a greenhouse equipped with an advanced floor heating system. Yet, this is just the beginning. SAI envisions amplifying the site’s infrastructure to further bolster center development.
In this endeavor, OCEC steps in as a catalyst, offering an expansive platform that fosters the evolution of computing heat recycling technology. The potential applications are limitless. Imagine harnessing this computing heat to warm residential structures, further greenhouses, or even poultry setups. Think of heated swimming pools, fisheries, or perhaps even industrial establishments like factories and shopping centers.

Looking Ahead:

SAI NODE Marietta symbolizes SAI’s commitment to a future where “decentralization” is more than just a buzzword. With a blend of cutting-edge technology and user-centric features, it’s setting new industry standards. As decentralization becomes the norm, SAI’s innovative approach promises not just progress but a transformative journey. Join the revolution spearheaded by SAI.

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