In the world of Bitcoin mining, the ability to extract value depends on a few crucial factors. The underlying mining hardware, its efficiency, and the power cost are central considerations. Among the many mining machines available in the market today, the Antminer S19j stands out as one of the leading pieces of hardware that miners around the globe depend upon. This article will provide an in-depth look into the Antminer S19j, focusing on its size, weight, computing power, and power consumption.

Bitmain Antminer S19j (90Th): An Overview

The Antminer S19j is a product from Bitmain, a well-regarded manufacturer in the cryptocurrency mining industry. Known for its efficiency and robust computational abilities, the S19j is a preferred choice among professional and amateur miners alike.
The Size and Weight
The Antminer S19j comes in a compact and industrial-friendly form factor. The dimensions of the S19j are 195mm (width) x 290mm (depth) x370mm (height). This machine, although smaller compared to some other models, still packs a significant punch in terms of mining capabilities.
As for weight, the Antminer S19j tips the scales at approximately 14.2kg. This moderate weight makes the machine fairly portable and easy to manage in a range of environments, whether in a professional mining farm or a home setup.
The Computing Power
One of the key parameters that define a Bitcoin miner’s efficiency is its computing power, often referred to as ‘hash rate’. The Antminer S19j boasts a hash rate of approximately 90 ± 5% terahashes per second (TH/s). This significant computational capability, combined with its energy efficiency, makes it one of the most effective Bitcoin mining machines available in the market today.
Power Consumption
As with all Bitcoin miners, power consumption is a significant factor that miners need to consider. The Antminer S19j has a power consumption of around 3250 ± 5% Watts. This figure might seem high for an average consumer, but when compared to the machine’s mining capabilities, it stands as one of the most energy-efficient miners currently available.
The importance of power efficiency cannot be overstated. Given that a significant chunk of a miner’s operational costs comes from energy usage, efficient power utilization can significantly impact profitability. Machines like the Antminer S19j, therefore, strike an essential balance between computing power and energy efficiency, thereby maximizing the potential profits for miners.
Energy Efficiency
Consequently, the energy cost per terahash, or J/T, for the S19j is around 34.5 ± 5% J/T. This efficiency rating is an impressive figure, indicating that the S19j effectively balances energy consumption with computing power.
Cooling System and Disadvantages
Bitcoin miners like the Antminer S19j generate a significant amount of heat due to their powerful computational processes. To mitigate this, the S19j is equipped with high-quality aluminum heat sinks and powerful fans for effective heat dissipation. This air-cooling system helps maintain the miner’s temperature and ensures the hardware operates at optimal levels.
However, as efficient as the cooling system is, it still has a few potential disadvantages. Firstly, the fans, while necessary for cooling, generate a considerable amount of noise, which could be a concern for miners operating in noise-sensitive environments. Additionally, air cooling is generally less efficient than liquid cooling solutions, especially in larger-scale operations or hotter environments.
In summary, the Antminer S19j is a compact, moderately weighted, and highly efficient Bitcoin mining machine that offers significant computational power. Its ability to deliver high hash rates while keeping power consumption in check makes it an ideal choice for both seasoned and beginner miners. With a machine like the Antminer S19j, participants in the Bitcoin network can expect a profitable mining experience, provided they account for other factors such as the cost of power and the current price of Bitcoin.

Comparing the Antminer S19j and the Antminer S19

When it comes to comparing the Antminer S19j and the Antminer S19, several crucial differences can be noted. The Antminer S19 is more powerful, offering a hash rate of around 95 TH/s compared to the S19j’s 90 TH/s. This increased computing power comes at the cost of higher energy consumption, with the S19 consuming about 3250W.
However, in terms of J/T, the two models are relatively similar, with the S19 coming in at approximately 34.2 J/T. Therefore, the decision between the two models would depend on the specific requirements of the miner, with the S19j being a more energy-efficient but less powerful option and the S19 offering higher computational power at a slightly higher energy cost.

SAI’s TANKBOX Cooling System: A Revolutionary Solution

Recognizing the limitations of traditional air-cooling systems in Bitcoin miners, SAI, a sustainable BTC and AI computing operator based in Singapore, offers the TANKBOX cooling system.
The TANKBOX is a liquid immersion cooling system designed to cool high-performance computing hardware like Bitcoin miners more efficiently than air. This system offers superior dissipation capabilities, significantly reducing the risk of overheating while also offering quieter operation.
By submerging the hardware in a non-conductive coolant, the TANKBOX provides direct cooling to all components, ensuring that no hotspots remain. This liquid immersion cooling not only improves efficiency but also potentially extends the life of the mining hardware by reducing the physical stress placed on components due to heat.


In conclusion, while the Antminer S19j is an efficient and reliable Bitcoin mining machine, integrating advanced cooling solutions like SAI’s TANKBOX could greatly enhance mining operations. This innovative cooling system could potentially address some of the fundamental challenges faced in Bitcoin mining, such as noise generation and heat management, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and profitability of Bitcoin mining.

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