The world of Bitcoin mining is complex, with multiple components influencing the potential profitability and environmental impact of mining operations. Central to these considerations is the mining machine in use. Among the leading options is the Antminer S19, a formidable piece of technology known for its power and efficiency. However, its performance can be significantly enhanced through complementary technologies like SAI’s TANKBOX cooling system.

Introduction to Antminer S19 (95Th) Bitcoin Mining Machine

The Antminer S19 is one of the latest and most powerful Bitcoin mining machines produced by Bitmain. A favorite among miners, the S19 stands out due to its remarkable features:
– Size and Weight: The Antminer S19 measures 195 mm x 295 mm x 400 mm and weighs approximately 14.5 kilograms. These dimensions make it compact enough for professional mining operations while still providing significant computational power.
– Computing Power: The Antminer S19 offers a high hash rate of 95(-5%~+5%)TH/s, allowing it to process Bitcoin transactions rapidly and efficiently.
– Power Consumption: The S19 has an energy consumption of 3250W(-5%~+5%), making it one of the most energy-intensive miners available.
– Joules per TeraHash (J/T): The S19’s energy efficiency is approximately 34.5J/TH(-5%~+5%), an excellent figure considering the machine’s high computational power.
– Cooling System: The S19 employs a dual-tube heat dissipation technology, improving its cooling efficiency and extending its lifespan.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Antminer S19

Like any technology, the Antminer S19 has its advantages and disadvantages. The machine’s benefits include its high hash rate, compact size, and excellent energy efficiency. The S19 is also made by Bitmain, a reputable manufacturer known for the quality and durability of its products.
However, the Antminer S19 also has some disadvantages. Its high power consumption, although mitigated by its efficiency, can still lead to high electricity costs. Additionally, the unit’s high demand has led to inflated prices and frequent shortages.

SAI’s TANKBOX Cooling System: Revolutionizing Bitcoin Mining

SAI, a sustainable BTC and AI computing operator based in Singapore, offers an innovative solution that can significantly enhance the performance of mining machines like the Antminer S19. The TANKBOX cooling system, designed to cool mining machines efficiently, comes with a plethora of benefits:
Outdoor Use and Reduced On-Site Engineering: The TANKBOX is suitable for outdoor use, reducing the amount of on-site engineering required.
Factory Prefabrication: With factory prefabrication, the TANKBOX requires minimal on-site engineering, making it an ideal solution for projects with the slightest infrastructure.
Versatility: The TANKBOX can host both air-cooled and liquid-cooled mining machines, allowing it to adapt to different requirements. It’s also easy to restore to an air-cooled state if required.
Adaptability: Given the differences in size and power interfaces among various mining machines, the TANKBOX can be adjusted to accommodate a range of models. Changes to components like the TANK, return box, and liquid level can ensure compatibility with different machines.
Superior Heat Dissipation: The TANKBOX uses immersion liquid cooling, which can effectively manage the heat produced by 5nm packaged chips (approximately 30W per square centimeter). As chips become smaller in the future, their heat production per unit area will increase, necessitating superior cooling methods like immersion liquid cooling.
Temperature Adaptability: The TANKBOX can operate in a wide range of outdoor temperatures (-40°C to 50°C), expanding the potential locations for mining operations.
Energy Recovery and Utilization: The TANKBOX allows for the transformation of air-cooled mining machines into immersion liquid-cooled machines. It enables heat recovery, secondary energy utilization, and the potential for selling heat, reducing costs further.
Reliability Enhancement: Immersion oil cooling minimizes common problems such as overheating, temperature fluctuations, fan failures, noise, dust, air quality issues, corrosion, electrochemical migration, and whiskers. These are often encountered when deploying air cooling in data centers.
Zero Carbon Emissions (ESG): The TANKBOX provides a waste heat recovery interface, making zero carbon emissions possible, a crucial aspect in the era of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations.


Bitcoin mining machines like the Antminer S19 have revolutionized the mining industry with their power and efficiency. Yet, they also demand high power and generate substantial heat. Innovative solutions like SAI’s TANKBOX cooling system not only tackle these challenges effectively but also open doors to greater efficiency, sustainability, and profitability in Bitcoin mining.

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