As the technological landscape evolves, the flow of information never ceases. In this modern age, possessing a wealth of information equates to harnessing an abundance of opportunities. Merely a month ago, the 2023 BIT HEAT DAY, orchestrated by SAI, wrapped up successfully. Many attendees, undoubtedly, gleaned insights into the latest trends and updates in the realm of Bitcoin mining, not to mention SAI’s revolutionary cooling system, SAIHEAT. For those curious about the intricacies of SAIHEAT, a detailed overview is just a click away. However, we’ll bypass the specifics for now.

2023 World Digital Mining Summit

Let’s dive straight into the headline news! Bitmain, a global frontrunner in digital currency mining server production, along with its renowned brand ANTMINER, is gearing up to unveil the 2023 World Digital Mining Summit (WDMS 2023). Slated for September 22-23, 2023, in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong, the WDMS Global summit is set to offer a comprehensive platform. This platform converges fields such as PoW evolution, data center advancements, the embrace of renewable energy, cutting-edge mining server technologies, and beyond. This year’s summit, under the banner “Mining for the Bull Market”, aspires to equip attendees with strategies to capitalize on potential bull markets in the foreseeable future. The event will also feature an array of sessions addressing diverse areas, including the growth trajectory of the PoW ecosystem, innovations in mining hardware, financial solution blueprints, the integration of renewable energy sources, data center amalgamation, potential investment partnerships, and a plethora of other pertinent subjects.
The upcoming summit is slated to take place in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Recognized worldwide as a hub for financial technology, Hong Kong has demonstrated unwavering commitment to nurturing the growth of the blockchain domain. Over the years, it has positioned itself as the epicenter of blockchain innovation in the Asian continent. Since the dawn of 2023, the city has rolled out a myriad of supportive policies tailored to bolster the blockchain sector, effectively attracting a reservoir of Web 3.0 experts and enthusiasts. To further underscore the city’s dedication, the summit will feature prominent municipal figures from Hong Kong, who will grace the event with enlightening addresses.

The schedule is as follows:

2023 World Digital Mining Summit

The Highlight: New Mining Rigs Are Coming

Bitmain’s journey, since its inception, narrates a tale of consistent pioneering endeavors. The company has ceaselessly been at the zenith of technological evolutions within its industry, charting the course for each consequential innovation. Tracing back to the ANTMINER S9, which heralded the breakthrough of achieving below 100J/T, the company has consistently set the bar higher with every subsequent release: from the S19’s 34.5J/T, the enhanced S19 Pro’s 29.5J/T, to the avant-garde S19XP’s 21.5J/T, and the remarkable S19XP Hyd at a staggering 20.8J/T. Through every iteration, ANTMINER has stood unwavering in its foundational ethos, spearheading the industry with unparalleled zeal. And this upcoming event promises no less.
This summit is set to be a hallmark occasion as Bitmain unveils its next flagship: the ANTMINER S21 mining rig. Engineered to deliver incomparable computational prowess, the S21 promises to usher the global mining community into the highly anticipated 1xJ/T epoch. But Bitmain’s offerings don’t halt there. In a heartfelt gesture to acknowledge the enduring loyalty and support of its expansive user base, and to foster enduring symbiotic partnerships, Bitmain is introducing a unique customer loyalty points system. As per early insights, these loyalty points pave the way for an array of enticing prospects. Not only can these points be harnessed to procure credit on the S21, enabling users to kickstart their mining operations even before any financial commitments, but they can also be redeemed for exclusive ANTMINER S21 discount vouchers, ensuring patrons avail unparalleled value propositions.
Regardless of whether you opt for Bitmain’s latest ANTMINER S21 mining setup, rest assured that cooling won’t be a concern. SAI’s cutting-edge SAIHEAT cooling series caters to a wide range of requirements, and it’s designed to enhance efficiency, ultimately leading to reduced mining expenses via effective thermal energy utilization.
TANKBOX is a manifest of years of hard work by SAIHEAT. By providing the immersion-cooling solution, TANKBOX follows the development trend of servers. TANKBOX has a deep immersion cooling tank with double stacks of mining rigs to reach higher heat dissipation efficiency. With immersive liquid cooling, servers can achieve dynamic performance tuning can achieve up to 50% with immersion-cooling design.
TANKBOX can be adjusted to adapt to different mining rigs with different hosting requirements. It gives customers the possibility to plan for the future and reduces the cost of infrastructural renewal due to crypto mining rig iterations.
RACKBOX provides an innovative solution to efficiently cool down crypto mining rigs. With liquid cooling, it is capable of handling dissipation of high-performance servers such as the Whatsminer series. RACKBOX is designed to accommodate up to 100 units of rack-mounted 2U standard servers. Servers can achieve dynamic performance tuning that ranges from ± 20% with liquid cooling.
RACKBOX has a standard 19-inch rack design for easy operation and maintenance purposes.
On top of the top-notch features above, RACKBOX has reserved a waste heat recycle interface for customers to recover waste computing heat from hashing activities. Its heat-recycle-inlet water temperature can reach up to 55℃/131℉, which can be applied to agricultural, industrial, and other scenarios where there are needs for sufficient and reliable heating.

Gathering of Big Names

The upcoming summit promises a constellation of industry stalwarts. Prominent figures representing the crème de la crème of the mining and energy sectors from various global quarters are convening at this grand event. Their shared objective? To bolster and diversify the existing digital currency mining landscape. The occasion presents an unparalleled chance for attendees to engage in insightful dialogues with these luminaries. The roster of eminent personalities slated to grace the event includes:
Alexander Neumüller: Esteemed member of the Cambridge Center for Alternative Finance (CCAF).
Matt Quinn: The visionary Executive Director steering the helm of the Nervos Foundation.
Sevibowski: A core member of the Kaspa team, his expertise straddles both quantum and classical cryptography.
Haitian Lu: A revered academic figure, Professor Lu hails from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Yang Cunyong: The dynamic President overseeing the Product Management Department at Bitmain.
Don’t miss this golden opportunity! Register your participation posthaste, and immerse yourself in the very latest that the Bitcoin realm has to offer. Who knows, the winds of fortune might just be waiting to blow in your direction!

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